Monday, February 28, 2011

Rolls - Royce

 History of the brand
 The Rolls-Royce name derives from the surnames of the company founders, Henry Royce and Charles Rolls. When they met in Manchester in 1904, they agreed to create a company that would later go on to manufacture the 'best car in the world'.
 As the Rolls-Royce organisation grew, and expanded through its diverse markets, the value of our famous name and brand was extended. Any activity conducted in the name of Rolls-Royce conformed to a set of values and principles that we hold dear, values that help us to continue to set new standards of excellence.
 In 1971, the company and subsequently the brand were split. Rolls-Royce plc, the owner of the famous Rolls-Royce trademarks, initially granted permission for use to a newly formed entity, Rolls-Royce and Bentley Motors Ltd. In 1998, this license was withdrawn when the motorcar trademarks were sold by Rolls-Royce plc to a BMW company, now known as Rolls-Royce Motor Cars Ltd. This company today manufactures luxury automobiles and accessories in the name of Rolls-Royce from its headquarters in Goodwood, England. Its identity system and brand are consistent with the original principles of the company founded over 100 years ago.
 Rolls-Royce plc retains the registrations for its trademarks for use in markets other than the motor industry. Its holding company, Rolls-Royce Group plc, is perceived as a contemporary, global engineering company operating in the aerospace, defence, marine and energy markets. As a market leader, our identity has changed to reflect these different characteristics of the company, without losing the connections with our strong heritage.
 Our identity system has evolved from the original marque. Adding the company name and a new colour scheme has positioned the business as an international blue-chip organisation.

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